Alice's First Doctor's Visit

2004-10-09 One-minute read

Alice had her first visit with Dr. Pow today since her birth. He was happy with how she is doing and we don’t have any concerns. Regarding Alice’s diaper filling frenzy, Dr. Pow explained this is called gastrointestinal colic- the input/output happen simultaneously (ie/ formula goes in, meanwhile you hear it travelling quickly through her little intestines, then the pooing sounds start, resulting in production and another diaper change for daddy. Alice REALLY loves her daddy lots). Her new measurements are:

  • 8 lbs, 4 oz
  • 21.5" long
  • 14" head circumference

she’s definately shaping up to be the big Murray of the family… Big news, her umbilical cord stump fell off today during a diaper change, lucky for me! Normally they fall off at around the two week mark, but it can take up to three weeks. Of course Alice waited until the 20th day- not quite exactly three weeks, she likes to take her time and not rush things, just like her daddy…