Alice’s First Immunizations

Alice had her first needles today, and she did very well.

That’s my girl!

She weighs a whopping 11lbs 8.6 oz and is 22 inches long.

At this rate we will have way too many size 1 diapers and she’s going to run out of clothes that fit her very soon. Yikes!

How do we stand the cuteness?

Indeed, we are very fond of our little cutie pie. For awhile there it was touch and go whether or not mommy and daddy would ever become sane people again, but I think Alice has turned a corner.

She is sleeping in the range of what she’s supposed to for this age (15 hours in 24) versus what she was (7-8 total, varying greatly day to day). She goes to bed between 7-9pm and only wakes once in the night to feed, between 1-3am. Then she eats again between 5-7am and goes back to sleep till around 10am, then she’s up for good.

She also takes naps during the day as well.

She is eating more (130-140ml/feed) less often (3-4 hours during the day, 5-7 hours at night). She is less “fussy” all around and has more periods of cooing and happiness.

This equals happy parents. I feel like I can enjoy my baby more now, instead of dreading the many crying episodes and frequent feedings.

So how do we stand the cuteness?

We sleep.

Ten-wipe diaper change


I just changed Alice’s diaper and it took at least ten wipes to get her clean. It was like a biological weapon. Maybe this is what Dubya was looking for in Iraq.

The timing was good though — we’re taking Alice for some baby photos later this afternoon. We’re giving her a bath in an hour or so, then we go to the photographer.

Bio-hazard diaper before the bath = good.
Bio-hazard diaper after the bath = bad.

Alice’s second visit with Dr.Pow

Alice saw Dr. Pow yesterday for her 6 week check up. Dr. Pow was happy and has no concerns. He once again was impressed with her head control (I call it the “gotta see gotta know” reflex- she is after all, the daughter of a Chant). She weighs 10 lbs 3 oz. and is 22 inches long now.

No wonder she dosen’t fit into her newborn clothes anymore. In fact there are many 3 month size outfits she no longer wears.
Definately the big Murray of the family.

Dr. Pow commented that since she’s gaining weight nicely that she must be eating and sleeping great. We informed him that her eating is fine but sleep is a huge problem. He thinks Alice has us wrapped around her little finger and we should just put her down when it’s bedtime; if she cries, so beit, just let her cry.

This is easier said than done, and hasen’t proved to be effective thus far. The longest we’ve let her cry is 15 min. and by this point she’s so worked up it’s hard to calm her back down and takes just as long to get her to go to sleep as if we held her.

He recommended a book on the subject; once we’ve read it we’ll see how our nights go. For now it’s still the status quo of 3-4 hours/night on average.

Don and I are both tired zombies most of the time…

Alice is sleeping now….

I’ve been awake for about half an hour now. Alice was starting to cry for a bottle, so I heated one for her.

By the time the bottle was warm, she had stopped stirring. Now she’s sound asleep.

So… I’m not sure what to do. I could sneak back to bed, but she’ll wake up again as soon as I’m sleeping. I could stay up and wait for her, but I’m so tired I can hardly see. You’re lucky I touch-type.

Angry Alice, cousin of Cranky Connor

Alice typically has fussy periods throughout the day, getting worse at night. Sometimes she cries so hard she makes choking sounds and gets hoarse. It’s really hard on Don and I, and it makes it hard to get any sleep. I average 3-4 hours a night (not all at once, of course), Don gets more cuz he could sleep through anything. I wake at the slightest peep from Alice.

We’ve changed her formula back to the regular instead of iron fortified, and that seems to help. My sister Tammy had this same problem with one of the twins, Connor. Once she changed the formula he wasn’t so cranky and slept better.

We hope Alice follows suit and starts sleeping more, apparently if a baby is “colicky” though it can take a few months. Oh, by the way, babies who are colicky are technically refered to as “active”. I’m so glad we have an “active” baby…