How do we stand the cuteness?

2004-11-17 One-minute read

Indeed, we are very fond of our little cutie pie. For awhile there it was touch and go whether or not mommy and daddy would ever become sane people again, but I think Alice has turned a corner. She is sleeping in the range of what she’s supposed to for this age (15 hours in 24) versus what she was (7-8 total, varying greatly day to day). She goes to bed between 7-9pm and only wakes once in the night to feed, between 1-3am. Then she eats again between 5-7am and goes back to sleep till around 10am, then she’s up for good. She also takes naps during the day as well. She is eating more (130-140ml/feed) less often (3-4 hours during the day, 5-7 hours at night). She is less “fussy” all around and has more periods of cooing and happiness. This equals happy parents. I feel like I can enjoy my baby more now, instead of dreading the many crying episodes and frequent feedings. So how do we stand the cuteness? We sleep.