Alice's 3 month check up

2004-12-23 One-minute read

Alice saw Dr. Pow again today, and of course he is still impressed with her head control. It seems the one determining factor in a baby’s health according to Dr. Pow is head control-he always comments on how good it is and that he has no concerns. Alice’s new measurements are:

  • 13 lbs 4 oz
  • 23 1/4 inches long

He asked if she was sleeping better, I said no. She has her days, but mostly she still fights it to the bitter end, an end which comes sometimes in tears and at 1 am. I told him she’s a sootheraholic; we tried taking it away once and swore we wouldn’t do that again as it was too painful for all three of us. He didn’t have any advice except to say that Alice has us trained well. I think it’s just that she’s learned to soothe herself only with a pacifier, subsequently getting upset when it falls out. Dr. Pow said just to make sure there’s lots of soothers around so there’s a replacement when it does fall out. Since she can’t put it back in herself, it wouldn’t matter if she slept on a mountain of soothers- she’d still lay screaming for it back in her mouth when it falls out.