Alice Rolled onto her tummy and now stands on her legs!

2005-01-20 One-minute read

Yesterday Alice rolled all the way over onto her tummy and was trying to push herself up. Before this she would only roll over onto her arm and was stuck there. She also today stood up using her legs- before she would just let you support her and let herself be floppy. Now she enjoys pushing against you with her legs, and she pushes so hard! That’s my girl! This is probably due to her use of the exersaucer, which she started using this week. This is progress! We have started the “Baby and You” class with the Calgary Health Region. There are 12 other mothers and babies, and Alice loves it all! She really likes to look at the other babies, especially the ones sitting on either side of her. She tries to interact with them, smiling and cooing. Usually the other babies just stare at or around her, not paying any attention. Alice is a little social butterfly! She is better behaved most of the time than all the other babies, probably because she is so interested in trying to be everyone’s friend!