Alice Rolled Over

2005-01-13 One-minute read

While I was at work today, Alice rolled over on her own! Corinna put Alice down on her back on the floor in the bonus room. The next thing she knew, our daughter was on her tummy. Apparently Alice was trying to reach her rattle, lying next to her on the floor. Once she was on her tummy, she didn’t really know what to do. She was lying on her arm, looking at the rattle, trying to figure out what to do next. She wasn’t upset or anything. Corinna immediately called me at work to give me the news. Corinna rolled Alice over again, since her little arm was turning purple. Since I’ve come home, Alice hasn’t shown me her latest trick. I’m sure I’ll see this soon enough. In other developments, Alice has started teething. Good times! Her cheeks are red, she’s salivating lots, and she’s often inconsolable. We’ve given her Tempra and Anbesol, which seems to be helping. But every afternoon, around 4PM, she gets pretty miserable. Poor little girl – she doesn’t know why her mouth hurts. It’s hard on Corinna since I’m still at work then.