Alice Sleeps Through the Night!

2005-01-01 One-minute read

People have told us that babies often start sleeping through the night when they are three months old. Alice waited until she was about 15 weeks, which is in keeping with her father’s poor record on punctuality. On December 30th Alice went to sleep around 11:30PM. Much to our surprise, she didn’t wake up until just after 6AM. I got up, put her soother back in, then went to get her bottle heated. As I waited for the microwave (40 seconds is an eternity) I heard Alice start to scream. I guess she was really hungry after sleeping for 6.5 hours. Last night (New Year’s Eve) she slept from 9:30PM to 4AM. There wasn’t any screaming after she woke up – this time Corinna held Alice and comforted her while I got the bottle. This kept our little darling happy enough that she could wait a minute for formula. She’s had good nights in the past, but then she’ll revert to her usual 3-4 hour feeding cycle. We’ll see whether she continues to have a long sleep each night. I should probably mention that we went to bed long before midnight. As new parents, we decided to ring in the New Year by sleeping.