My Left Foot

Yesterday evening Alice discovered her left foot.

We were getting ready for her bath; she was lying on the change pad, all ready to go. As she often does, she pulled her legs up to do crunches. With her left hand she grabbed her left foot.

She thought her foot was pretty interesting, though she’s not sure what it’s supposed to do.

She’s been holding her left foot quite often since last night. It’s always her left hand holding her left foot. Won’t she be pleased when she discovers she has a right foot too?

Alice likes peas!

Alice tried peas today and it’s the first vegetable she hasn’t made faces at, so she likes it!

She’s also discovered there are “toys” on the coffee table, such as Mommy’s daytimer and the remotes. Oh, we’re in for trouble soon!

Alice thinks green beans are sick!

This afternoon Alice had her first serving of vegetables- a teaspoon of green beans mixed in with her cereal. She thought it was quite disgusting, judging by the look on her face. Mommy was terrible and couldn’t stop laughing!

Alice also pulled Chase’s tail today for the first time- he wasen’t impressed but didn’t bite her, he just meowed. He is very good to Alice and always seems to be concerned when she is crying, wondering why we don’t go and get her. Maybe he just wants the noise to stop as it interferes with his world…

Alice has started sleeping better, partially because we do let her cry now. Once she’s down for bed we do not go to her at all, and she eventually falls asleep. It seems the longer she cries the longer she sleeps.

She is a wonderful girl!

Alice knows her name!

Today I discovered that Alice knows her name- that is to say she responds to “Alice” when you call to her- mostly when she’s distracted during feedings. She is also starting to be quite interested in the cat- Chase better watch out, he’s in for some rough treatment pretty soon!

Alice also started mixed grain cereal vs. plain rice cereal today- at first she thought it was disgusting, then cried once she finished it. Just like her daddy, not picky. Well, so far.

Alice Learns How to Squeal

Yesterday Alice figured out how to make squealing sounds. They’re quite cute, and she uses them liberally whenever she would normally make cooing sounds.