Alice thinks green beans are sick!

2005-02-17 One-minute read

This afternoon Alice had her first serving of vegetables- a teaspoon of green beans mixed in with her cereal. She thought it was quite disgusting, judging by the look on her face. Mommy was terrible and couldn’t stop laughing! Alice also pulled Chase’s tail today for the first time- he wasen’t impressed but didn’t bite her, he just meowed. He is very good to Alice and always seems to be concerned when she is crying, wondering why we don’t go and get her. Maybe he just wants the noise to stop as it interferes with his world… Alice has started sleeping better, partially because we do let her cry now. Once she’s down for bed we do not go to her at all, and she eventually falls asleep. It seems the longer she cries the longer she sleeps. She is a wonderful girl!