6 Month Needles

Alice had her 6 month needles this afternoon. As she did at her 2- and 4-month shots, she took it pretty well. A few minutes of crying, and then she was pretty much back to normal. It’s soo hard seeing those real tears, I’m just glad they didn’t last.

Alice’s nurse was Karen — she did the 4-month needles as well. She actually remembered us, partly because she has not done any babies named Alice. We think this is a good thing! Alice is a family name, and we wanted something traditional.

Karen said someone brought in a baby girl named Brandon. WTF? Who are these people?

Alice was weighed and measured again. This time around she was 17lbs 4 oz, and 26″ long. She didn’t really shrink — Marie at Dr. Pow’s office just isn’t as accurate.

Corinna said that Alice was her usual cheerful self all afternoon. But by 6PM, Alice was pretty tired. It seemed to hit her all at once. She was in bed by 6:45PM, instead of her usual 7:30PM. Poor little girl.

Alice’s 6 month visit to Dr.Pow

Alice saw Dr.Pow on Friday for her 6 month check up.

She weighs 17 lbs. 5 oz and is 26.75 inches long! That makes her in the 90th percentile for weight and the 75th for height.

She was also making strange with Dr.Pow and he claimed therefore she is advanced as babies don’t usually do that until around 9 months.

Of course he commented on her head control — what would we do if he didn’t?

Dr. Pow said she was healthy and has no concerns; we’re to bring her back in 6 months.

Alice can sit up by herself (well, almost)

If Alice is sitting in your lap, she can sit up. She can also sit on the floor with some assistance, but it’s progress!
She has also taken to doing walking motions while playing in her exersaucer, it’s quite adorable to watch.
And she’s waving her toys around lots, which means they end up all over the place- more mess for mommy!
She still has her cold, but it’s getting better.

I think we have forgotten to mention that she sleeps through the night, and has been since about 4 1/2 months old. I guess we’re so grateful for being able to get a good night’s sleep that we overlooked putting it in the blog. She still wakes at various times once in awhile, but she’ll cry herself back to sleep. She’s usually in bed by 7:30pm and sleeps for about 12 hours, waking happy.

She’s eating about 2 tbsp. of cereal in the morning with fruit, and about 3 tbsp. of cereal at supper with vegetables. She appears to like everything we try on her and soon we will start feeding her coarser textured foods and at 7 months she’ll have protein. Wow!

Upgraded WordPress

Finally upgraded WordPress to 1.5. It took a while to do because I decided to test it out first.

The first step was to create a vhost in apache, exactly mimicking the settings for blog.coredump.ca. I added an internal DNS entry, so I could browse to “http://blogtest” from my internal network.

Next I hacked together a very small shell script which did the following:

  1. mysqldump of wordpress db to wptest.sql
  2. create wptest db if not exists
  3. load wptest.sql into wptest db
  4. create entires in mysql.db for the wordpress user, allowing access to wptest as well as the production wordpress db
  5. change all instances of ‘blog.coredump.ca’ to ‘blogtest’ in the wp_options table

Now that the database was ready, I installed the new wordpress into the appropriate directory, as specified in my apache config. I copied wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, then set it to use the test wordpress database and the appropriate wordpress user credentials.

Once this was done, I could browse to ‘http://blogtest/wp-admin/upgrade.php’. Voila! A test of wordpress without impacting you, my dedicated readers!

WordPress worked flawlessly in my test environment. Corinna liked the new Kubrick theme better than the classic, so I proceeded to upgrade blog.coredump.ca.

The only wrinkle: I forgot to disable permalinks before the upgrade. Once I corrected that, everything looked great.

Alice Rolls front to back!

Alice just rolled over for the first time from her tummy onto her back! Now she keeps doing it! This should make tummy time less stressful as she’s more mobile. She is still congested from her cold, my poor angel!

Alice’s First Cold

Alice officially has her first cold. She woke up sniffling and coughing, in part due to our furnace failing over night. Her room was 13C this morning! The furnace has now been repaired so she’ll be warmer tonight.

Much to our surprise, Corinna found Alice cheerful most of the day. A typical day includes three or four naps. Today Alice had five! Being well rested makes her a cheerful little darling.

I just put Alice in her crib for the night. I wasn’t convinced she’d fall asleep, but so far so good. It’s hard for her to breathe through her nose, so I’m not sure she’ll be able to sleep with her soother. And only time will tell whether she’ll sleep through the night.

You know how it is when you catch a cold — I can’t imagine what it’s like for her. She doesn’t know why she’s coughing and sneezing. Poor little girl!