6 Month Needles

2005-03-23 One-minute read

Alice had her 6 month needles this afternoon. As she did at her 2- and 4-month shots, she took it pretty well. A few minutes of crying, and then she was pretty much back to normal. It’s soo hard seeing those real tears, I’m just glad they didn’t last. Alice’s nurse was Karen – she did the 4-month needles as well. She actually remembered us, partly because she has not done any babies named Alice. We think this is a good thing! Alice is a family name, and we wanted something traditional. Karen said someone brought in a baby girl named Brandon. WTF? Who are these people? Alice was weighed and measured again. This time around she was 17lbs 4 oz, and 26" long. She didn’t really shrink – Marie at Dr. Pow’s office just isn’t as accurate. Corinna said that Alice was her usual cheerful self all afternoon. But by 6PM, Alice was pretty tired. It seemed to hit her all at once. She was in bed by 6:45PM, instead of her usual 7:30PM. Poor little girl.