Seven Months Old

Alice turned 7 months old on Monday. Corinna celebrated by adding protein to Alice’s diet — spaghetti and meat sauce! It looks much like all the other solid foods that come in those little jars, it’s just a different colour and it has protein.

Alice seemed to like this new food. She’s not a very picky eater. I think the spaghetti and meat sauce will stain just as badly as the carrots.

We bought some baby gates on the weekend. We were going to buy 5, but started out with 3 for now. It’s not like she’s crawling yet, no need to go crazy.

Two of the gates are pressure-mounted; they’ll be used on the main floor. The third gate is long and will go in the bonus room landing. This should be a little easier on Alice’s parents — not as many gates to traverse.

As always, Alice is a wonderful little girl. Every time we go out, people comment on her cuteness. How do we stand the cuteness?

And she’s been so well behaved! It’s probably because we let her have a soother when she’s travelling, but we like to think it’s our excellent parenting.

Alice ate banana today

After Alice had her breakfast, I gave her some of my banana.

The look on her face was quite funny, like “what the heck is this?”

I think it was the texture she wasn’t sure of. She spat up later while playing so I don’t think she ingested much of it, oh well!

She’s eating nearly a full bowl full of cereal/fruit/vegetables now three times/day.

She also uses a sippy cup at meals, though doesn’t often get much unless we tip it up for her while she’s drinking. She figured out pretty quick that if we tip the cup up for her we’ll hold on to it so she doesn’t have to. Now we just fill it full enough so that she can get enough on her own.

Currently it’s just formula in her cup, and we give it to her straight out of the fridge, so it’s cold. She’s not used to it and she always seems suprised at the chill, and makes a “mmmm” sound once she drinks some. Adorable!

We’ve had to move her exersaucer up to the 3rd notch now as well.

We’re going to buy baby gates this weekend, as Alice is quite good at manouvering on her tummy-she can go clear across a room weebling and wobbling around; I dreamt last night that she just up and started to crawl, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen before we’re ready!

Alice can sit up by herself

For about a week now Alice has been sitting by herself without falling over. Unless she reaches for something far away, that is. She’s able to play and look backwards and stay sitting for long periods, and it’s adorable to watch.
As for crawling, she’s still at the body surfing stage; she can’t quite figure out how to get her legs to work to her advantage when trying to get toys that are out of reach.

Alice’s first poo in public

Why is this such a big topic of conversation for new parents?
I guess it’s like head control; when it’s there it’s a sign of good health.
Anyway, we went out for supper last night to Silver Inn- the only restaurant we really take Alice to, as it’s fast and awesome food.
I guess she’s starting to feel comfortable there, as she pooed while we were there.
She has never otherwise pooed when we’ve been away from home before.

(Those of you who aren’t new parents may fully disregard this entry!)

Alice’s first plane ride

Alice had her first plane ride on March 24th, when we went to Manitoba to visit Grandma and Grandpa Murray. She did very well and everyone said their good-byes when they deplaned- Alice is such a charmer!
We flew Westjet on a Boeing 737 700 to Winnipeg and the 200 series on the way back to Calgary.
The 700 is a new plane and has tv screens built in to the back of each seat; Alice really appreciated this feature…
Alice had a really good visit with Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed playing with them and the supersaucer Phyllis borrowed from the pastor’s wife. Alice sure appreciated it!
Alice also got to meet her Auntie Wanda, Uncle Mark and cousin Mitchell for the first time- they met us at the Winnipeg airport. They were also there for Easter supper on Saturday, along with her Great Uncle Walter, Great Aunt Claudette and Great Aunt Alene. It was wonderful that Alice was able to meet so many family members, and of course let’s not forget neighbor Alice as well!
Alice’s schedule was a bit off while we were there, but she quickly settled back into the swing of things once we were home, which was nice.
We arrived home on March 30th.