Seven Months Old

2005-04-20 One-minute read

Alice turned 7 months old on Monday. Corinna celebrated by adding protein to Alice’s diet – spaghetti and meat sauce! It looks much like all the other solid foods that come in those little jars, it’s just a different colour and it has protein. Alice seemed to like this new food. She’s not a very picky eater. I think the spaghetti and meat sauce will stain just as badly as the carrots. We bought some baby gates on the weekend. We were going to buy 5, but started out with 3 for now. It’s not like she’s crawling yet, no need to go crazy. Two of the gates are pressure-mounted; they’ll be used on the main floor. The third gate is long and will go in the bonus room landing. This should be a little easier on Alice’s parents – not as many gates to traverse. As always, Alice is a wonderful little girl. Every time we go out, people comment on her cuteness. How do we stand the cuteness? And she’s been so well behaved! It’s probably because we let her have a soother when she’s travelling, but we like to think it’s our excellent parenting.