Forward Motion!

It’s official: Alice has figured out how to crawl!

She’s been able to roll for weeks. If you turn your head, she’ll roll right out of the room. It’s a good thing I finally got the baby gate installed in the bonus room.

This crawling stuff — it’s hard work. She isn’t yet crawling on her hands and knees, so she can’t get very far. But this is the first time she’s been able to move forward.

Because Alice is working so hard these days, she needs three naps a day.

It’s been fascinating to watch her invent her own ways of moving around.

It’s All in the Wrist

Over the past week or two, Alice discovered that she could bend her wrist. She often picks up a toy, then stares at her hand as she bends her wrist back and forth. It’s adorable to watch.

What will she think when she discovers that her wrists:

  • bend back and forth;
  • bend side to side;
  • rotate around?

Oh the wonders of being a baby!