Alice becomes more independant

2005-05-17 2-minute read

Alice’s latest developments include getting into trouble- anything that’s not a toy is bound to be more facinating than silly toys though, right? This means she’s heard the word “no” a lot, and it’s really hard on mommy- I say “no” when she’s getting into something she’s not supposed to, and she turns around and smiles the cutest little smile- how can I not smile back? It’s the hardest thing to keep a straight face! She’s also able to take her hat off – it’s more fun to chew on it. Oh, and her bibs too – she doesn’t need those since she’s not a messy eater… She can also hold her bottle but looses interest after awhile so you have to hold it; she likes taking it out of her mouth and looking at it, playing with the nipple, then putting it back in; she usually does that when she’s getting full. She likes finger foods but prefers to eat them by herself – if you try to put something in her mouth she’ll grab your hand to look at it first then she might let you feed her; or you can put it in her hand and she’ll do it. We’ve tried strawberries, chickpeas, beans, bread, tomato and yogurt this week. Oh yes, and Alice really likes mom’s smoothie too (blueberries, banana, oj, yogurt). Alice babbles lots, like ba ba, da, ma, na, mmm. She’s a wonderful girl!