Alice waves good-bye!

We were at IKEA today, and Alice waved good-bye to a woman as we were walking past her. The woman had commented on how cute Alice is and smiled at her, then Alice waved! I’ve been teaching her this in the mirror for a couple of weeks now, so I guess she decided to test it out. It’s quite adorable!

On other fronts, Alice is keeping busy by trying to climb on everything- including mommy! She can get into a standing position with most of the furniture, and tries to climb up but of course can’t. She’s very good at climbing the stairs now as well. She’s a wonderful little girl!

Alice’s First Father’s Day

Today is Alice’s first Father’s Day. It’s my first as well.

Because it was Father’s Day, Alice decided to sleep in until 8AM. She went to sleep at 7PM. After sleeping for a solid thirteen hours, Alice is a very cheerful little girl.

For a week now, we’ve known that Alice can go from a crawling to a sitting position on her own. But we’ve never actually seen this happen. She’ll be merrily crawling across the floor, you look away, and then she’s sitting upright. I finally got to see this happen yesterday — an early Father’s Day present.

Alice turned 9 months old yesterday — now she can have cow’s milk. Corinna put some in a sippy cup, and Alice thought it was pretty darned tasty. We went out for supper last night. Alice was wearing her pink wool dress and matching beret. She was the star of the whole restaurant, smiling and laughing at everyone.

I’m the luckiest father in the world.

Alice climbs her first stair!

Today while I was cooking supper, I discovered Alice kneeling on the first stair of our staircase.
This marks the end of freedom for Mommy! I no longer can assume she’s safe without me watching her every move…the next stage of parenthood! I miss the days of being able to put her on the floor and come back after while and she’s in the same position, playing with the same toy, cooing, oblivious to all the trouble she’d one day get into!

Alice strolled 6 km in the MS Supercities Walk

We did the MS walk yesterday, it poured rain the whole time! Alice stayed nice and warm as we had her bundled up and a plastic cover over the stroller. She slept most of the walk in fact! She’s used to going for long walks as her and I walk to Sobey’s most every day. Walking with us were Auntie Chrissy and Uncle Norm, Auntie Tammy and Uncle Steve with cousins Jack and Connor. There was a pancake breakfast at the start and when we were finished they had cheese burgers for lunch. It was a great day in raising money for MS! Next year we’ll probably form a team- Corinna’s Cruisers? We’ll see about the name…