Alice's First Father's Day

2005-06-19 One-minute read

Today is Alice’s first Father’s Day. It’s my first as well. Because it was Father’s Day, Alice decided to sleep in until 8AM. She went to sleep at 7PM. After sleeping for a solid thirteen hours, Alice is a very cheerful little girl. For a week now, we’ve known that Alice can go from a crawling to a sitting position on her own. But we’ve never actually seen this happen. She’ll be merrily crawling across the floor, you look away, and then she’s sitting upright. I finally got to see this happen yesterday – an early Father’s Day present. Alice turned 9 months old yesterday – now she can have cow’s milk. Corinna put some in a sippy cup, and Alice thought it was pretty darned tasty. We went out for supper last night. Alice was wearing her pink wool dress and matching beret. She was the star of the whole restaurant, smiling and laughing at everyone. I’m the luckiest father in the world.