Alice at 10 months

2005-07-19 2-minute read

Alice can do more and more every day, including being more independant. She dosen’t really like her cereals anymore, or anything mashed or pureed. Sometimes she will let me feed her a few spoonfulls of baby food, but then waves her arms around and starts whining. She likes to feed herself, and her favorite thing right now is cream cheese (imagine how much mess that makes!) She now has taken to sharing- when we come in to get her from sleeping, she often offers us one of her soothers- she dosen’t realize that we don’t love them the same way she does… She also shares her toys and likes it when you take the toy from her in your mouth and growl- it’s one of her favorite games! She also crawls mostly on her knees now (as daddy calls it version 2.0), she’s such a big girl! She also likes it when you go into a different room and ask out loud, “where is Alice?”, she crawls into the room with a big smile on her face “here I am!”. She likes to climb up to stand on furniture- mostly the coffee table and the chair where Chase sleeps; also she likes standing at the gate; she can now go from standing and holding onto the baby gate to standing on her toy box which is right next to the gate, but it’s still a notable transition (and daddy got to see it before mommy!)