Alice at 11 months

2005-08-28 2-minute read

Well, we’re a big girl now and can do all sorts of big girl things. Alice can stand on her own for a few seconds, but dosen’t try to walk away. She mostly still likes to stand and hold onto the coffee table or other furniture. She knows how to bounce a ball, wave “hello” and “good-bye” (if she feels like it), and plays shy around new people by laying her head on our shoulders. She’s still really good around people though, she won’t cry unless she’s suddenly in a big group of people she’s not familiar with. She spends most of her time trying to get Mommy’s attention, so Mommy can’t get anything done unless Alice is sleeping… Alice still has 2 naps a day, and is down to one bottle – the night time one with Daddy. She lost her morning bottle and afternoon bottle around 10 months as she didn’t seem interested in them anymore, and certainly didn’t seem to care she didn’t get them anymore. She still likes her soothers though, and has 5 in her crib. She’s also moved to the bath tub in her bathroom; we used to bathe her in the baby tub that we had in our bathroom. The first bath she cried, and she’s been okay with it ever since; she likes to move and splash around in it, and we’ve also started blowing bubbles in the bath, which is so nice, we try to eat them… She likes looking at the picture of her cousins, Jack and Connor, and has pretty much destroyed the photo as she gets soooooo excited! She does indeed love babies and children and gets excited when ever we see them. She also loves, loves puppies! Still no teeth, and not walking yet. These are for “bigger” girls, we’re not there yet.