Alice's 1 year immunization

2005-09-23 2-minute read

Alice got her 12 month shots today, in the arm- ouch! She got 2 needles, one in each arm; by the second one she knew what was coming and tried to pull away, poor sweetheart. She did very well, and we didn’t have any concerns for the nurse. Her measurements were different than at Dr. Pow’s: 23 lbs and just over 30 inches. She was weighed today with her clothes on, which adds extra weight; she is just over 22 lbs then. Her growth curve is still curvey, and hasen’t levelled off yet as it typically does at this point, although she still may taper off soon. Alice still ussally has 2 naps a day, although they’re later than they used to be. She used to go down around 9am and 1pm. Now I put her down right after lunch at noon and she sleeps for 1 1/2 hrs, then she has another nap after snack at 3pm. Oh, and this is what Alice eats on a typical day:

  • breakfast: 4 tbsp. mixed cereal with 2-3 tbsp. fruit puree; 1/4 of a banana, some cheerios. milk from cup.
  • lunch: 1 jar baby food, then the same amount of finger food (whatever mommy’s having). more milk.
  • snack: 3 tbsp. plain yogurt with 2-3tbsp. fruit puree; 1oz. cheese, 1/2 peach/pear/kiwi or other fruit. milk.
  • supper: 1 jar baby food, then finger food (mommy & daddy’s supper), cheerios, gold fish, cheese or whatever! of course more milk.
  • night time snack: 200ml bottle of homo milk.

That’s our girl!