Alice's 1 year visit with Dr. Pow

2005-09-22 One-minute read

Alice saw Dr. Pow today for her one year visit. Her measurements are:

  • 22 lbs
  • 30.25 inches

That puts her between the 75-90th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. Dr. Pow commented on how she should come back and model for the other babies on how to sit nicely through an exam… He had no concerns except for a rash on her tummy which he prescribed a cream for (Folliculitis) which isn’t serious and will go away in a few days. Also he noticed how she likes to sit in a “W” position with her legs – he advised us to encourage her to sit in a different position as this position can cause knee and hip problems later in life. She’s to see him when she’s 2 years old unless we have concerns. We told him how Alice eats very well and is still on one night time bottle; he said this was okay and maybe around 15 months transition to a night time snack. Daddy is very happy about this as the night time bottle is his chance to have one-on-one with Alice. I know Alice loves her daddy too!