Alice's first visit to the park

2005-09-30 One-minute read

Today Alice and I went to the park at the end of our street; she played with the rocks/gravel and enjoyed it very much. Then I put her in the baby swing, and she thought that was fun, but what was even more fun was when Mommy held Alice in her lap on the big person swing – Alice enjoys any sort of variations on swinging, not just back and forth; she likes twisting and turning, and when Mommy drags her feet in the gravel – she did lots of laughing and squealing! Today Alice has also taken to walking while holding onto Mommy’s hands – she’s always resisted this in the past, but Great Auntie Rene walks with her when we go to the farm. Usually for me she will just buckle her knees, but now it’s ALL she wants to do! It’s adorable, because it’s the only time I’m allowed to hold onto her hands. She’s also standing a lot more than she used to, and can get up into a standing position from a sitting position; that’s new. Soon she’ll be walking!