Uptime: 287 days

2005-09-22 One-minute read

Had a service interruption here yesterday morning. I noticed it once I arrived at work – I could no longer connect to dmurray.ca. I spoke with Corinna and had her reboot the cable modem. That didn’t help. Time for the big hammer. I had Cor log into the firewall as me, then switch to root. From there she issued a ‘service network restart’. The things a wife has to do when she marries a software engineer…. This fixed the problem, but with an unfortunate side effect. The external IP of dmurray.ca changed for the first time since October of 2003. That wouldn’t have been a big deal except that my DNS Time To Live (TTL) setting was at 12 hours. What does that mean? It would take up to 12 hours for the rest of the internet to realize that dmurray.ca had a new IP. I’ve since decreased the TTL to 20 minutes. Last night I did some more maintenance on the firewall and decided I should reboot. It’s not like any of you could see dmurray.ca anyways. So ends the stellar uptime of euler.dmurray.ca: 287 days! Oh well.