Alice is amazing!

2005-10-03 One-minute read

Yesterday Alice learned 2 new things: how to dance, and how to feed herself! She was playing with Daddy and her walking toy, and started dancing to the music. Later we went for supper to Broken Plate, and Alice ate what we ate as usual – we had calamari for an appetizer and she even ate that! Now what one year old eats squid? She also enjoyed the steamed broccoli. After she was finished her baby food, I let Alice keep the spoon, as I have been doing for a couple weeks now. She didn’t just play with it though, she put food on it and then ate it! Sometimes it falls off though, cuz we hold the spoon sideways… She’s doing more standing by herself now too, but still hasn’t taken her first step. We’ve also started brushing our teeth (well, gums). Whenever Mommy goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth, Alice gets her toothbrush and brushes with Mommy. Such a good girl! Always wanting to do whatever Mommy is doing!