Facing Forward and Thanksgiving

2005-10-10 One-minute read

Since Alice is over 22 pounds and taller than 29 inches it is safe for her to ride in a forward-facing car seat. We made the change last weekend. Alice had always been pretty good in the car, even though she couldn’t see us and couldn’t see where we were going. Now that she’s facing forward she has a better view of her destination. Yesterday we were in Olds celebrating Thanksgiving. There were lots of other children to play with: Charlie, Jack, Connor, Sean and Sarah. They range in age from 7 months to 2 years. Alice had lots of fun, especially with Charlie. They got along great and Charlie was really good with her. He’s a pretty impressive little boy, and he’s only 22 months old! Alice had a great day. She had a good long nap (about 2 hours) in the playpen upstairs. She ate some ham, turkey, potatoes, carrots and sweet potato. She also had lots of Corinna’s pumpkin pie. The ride home was pretty good. Corinna and Alice had a giggling session that lasted for about 45 minutes. This would not have happened if her car seat hadn’t been facing forward. Alice was laughing so hard she was turning red. It was pretty adorable.