Learning to Walk, With Help

2005-10-20 2-minute read

Alice is getting closer to walking on her own. She really enjoys practising with Corinna and I. We have to hold both of her hands though – she’s not comfortable holding only one hand. Whenever Alice comes over and holds our hands, we know she wants to practise. It’s kind of difficult, since she holds her hands about 30" off the floor – we’re kind of bent over, and have to watch out for her little feet. Cor and I take turns; we can only keep up to her for so long before we need to stand up straight again. Alice is making us feel pretty old. Alice is not too steady on her feet yet, but she’s been practising really hard. What she really enjoys is walking around the coffee table chasing one of us. That’s hilarious, and leads to all sorts of giggling. Alice also has a practice walker, sort of like a tricycle you can walk behind. She practices with that too, and she can even turn it so she can navigate around the room. It has all sorts of buttons and a steering wheel, and makes sounds and music. She loves playing with that. In other developments, Alice now helps put on her socks, and can take off her shirt. She only does that when we’re changing her outfits. We’re starting to wean her off of baby food; she’s eating more and more of our meals. P.S. Alice is in bed right now, and I can hear her on the monitor. She’s been playing with her Ocean Wonders crib toy. When she presses the big button on the front, it plays “Twinkle, Twinkle.” The music continues for a minute or so, then it stops. There’s a brief silence, then I can hear her reaching up to press the button again. This has been going on the whole time I’ve been writing this. How cute can you get, Alice?