First Tooth?

Last evening when I was changing Alice’s last diaper of the day, I noticed something on the roof of her mouth. It looks suspiciously like a tooth is beginning to come through — her left front incisor on the top.

Corinna didn’t see any sign of this tooth today, so maybe it was just daddy’s wishful thinking.

Alice is mostly over her cold, just a runny nose remaining. Corinna and Alice were sick at the same time, though mommy was much worse off. Mommy is doing much better now too.

Yesterday Alice had her first professional hair cut. She was very well behaved, didn’t seem to mind it at all. We took her to Beaner’s — they had a nice pink Barbie Jeep for Alice to sit in, and there was a TV with cartoons too. This provided lots of entertainment and distractions. Alice held onto Corinna’s cell phone the whole time — I guess she was expecting a call. We bought her some little barrettes to go with her nice little bob.

Alice looks very pretty.

We had our flu shots today. Young children get the shots in two doses, one month apart — this was Alice’s second shot. The Calgary Health Region recommends parents get flu shots, so Corinna and I had them for the first time this year.

Every time Alice gets a needle she’s a very good little girl. Today was no different. She cried a little initially, but cheered up again within a minute or two. Our nurse was very nice and did an excellent job, much better than a month ago.

Alice’s 2nd Cold

Poor little girl; despite being up much of the night, Alice still woke at 7:30am, a usual time for her.

She’s all congested and has gone through almost a whole kleenex box! She seems to be happy despite her cold, but dosen’t have much of an appetite. I hope she has a better night tonight.

On a happier note, Alice has officially stopped crawling (crawling is for babies). Now that she can walk, she walks everywhere! If she falls down, she just gets back up again (and she does fall down a lot!).

We’re very proud of our little girl.

Nine Times Around the Island

It’s 12:38AM and I think Alice is asleep now.

She woke up around 10PM crying. She’s come down with a sinus cold, and can’t breathe through her nose. This makes a soother impossible.

We’ve given her some baby cold medicine, and put a little Vicks on her back and front. This seems to be helping a little, but she still cried because she couldn’t use her soother.

I decided to try what Grandpa George did with her when she was just a little newborn. I bundled her up in one of her blankets, held her gently but securely, and slowly walked around the island. Alice was quiet the whole time.

By the sixth pass she was rubbing her little eyes. By the ninth pass she was just about asleep. After the eleventh I put her back in her crib, awake but very sleepy.

We’ll see whether she sleeps…..

Alice Can Walk!

Alice can officially walk now. She can walk from one end of the bonus room to the other.

She walks much better when she’s not paying attention to what she’s doing. If she’s trying to get to Mommy, or get our cat Chase (much to his dismay), she’s much less likely to fall down. She still enjoys walking and holding onto our hands — sometimes two hands, sometimes only one.

Alice also still enjoys her stride-and-learn walker. She can really move quickly with that now, since she hardly needs it for balance.

Alice is very good at pointing at things now. She knows the names of some of her toys and will point at them when we ask where they are.

No sign of any teeth. She eats very well without them. She still has a bedtime bottle (the best part of Daddy’s day).

Sometimes we think she can say ‘bye-bye’, but we’re stretching a little here. It’s really more like ‘bu-bu-bu’, but she sometimes uses it in a ‘bye-bye’ context. Does that count? We think it does.

12:11AM — Do you know where your soothers are?

At 12:11AM this morning Alice woke up crying. This is pretty rare — she hardly ever wakes up in the night, and almost never wakes up crying. I knew something was wrong.

I went to her room to find her standing in her crib holding onto the rail. There were three soothers on the floor directly in front of her; a fourth was on the floor behind her crib. She was very upset.

I picked her up and told her it was okay. I got her a soother and she immediately quieted down again. After a minute or so it was clear her only concern was her soothers.

She didn’t object to being put back in her crib. I tucked her in and made sure she had all four soothers. She was probably asleep again before I got back to bed.

Alice’s first day in the dayhome

Alice had her first stay at Donna’s (the dayhome) on Friday. I dropped her off just before 9am, and picked her up at 4:15pm. I think it was harder for mommy than it was for Alice…Donna said that Alice didn’t appear to notice I had left, and she was fine all day, except when she woke up from her nap she was clingy. Donna said she didn’t cry and had a good day. I’m glad that Alice seems to like being at Donna’s, and she gets to play with other kids of different ages. Alice will be there 2 days/week starting in December.

Alice is almost walking

Alice takes more steps every day now, several at a time. She is slowly gaining confidence and getting her balance. When we walk with her she can now walk holding onto only one hand instead of two, she’s getting so good!