Alice Can Walk!

2005-11-19 One-minute read

Alice can officially walk now. She can walk from one end of the bonus room to the other. She walks much better when she’s not paying attention to what she’s doing. If she’s trying to get to Mommy, or get our cat Chase (much to his dismay), she’s much less likely to fall down. She still enjoys walking and holding onto our hands – sometimes two hands, sometimes only one. Alice also still enjoys her stride-and-learn walker. She can really move quickly with that now, since she hardly needs it for balance. Alice is very good at pointing at things now. She knows the names of some of her toys and will point at them when we ask where they are. No sign of any teeth. She eats very well without them. She still has a bedtime bottle (the best part of Daddy’s day). Sometimes we think she can say ‘bye-bye’, but we’re stretching a little here. It’s really more like ‘bu-bu-bu’, but she sometimes uses it in a ‘bye-bye’ context. Does that count? We think it does.