First Tooth?

2005-11-30 2-minute read

Last evening when I was changing Alice’s last diaper of the day, I noticed something on the roof of her mouth. It looks suspiciously like a tooth is beginning to come through – her left front incisor on the top. Corinna didn’t see any sign of this tooth today, so maybe it was just daddy’s wishful thinking. Alice is mostly over her cold, just a runny nose remaining. Corinna and Alice were sick at the same time, though mommy was much worse off. Mommy is doing much better now too. Yesterday Alice had her first professional hair cut. She was very well behaved, didn’t seem to mind it at all. We took her to Beaner’s – they had a nice pink Barbie Jeep for Alice to sit in, and there was a TV with cartoons too. This provided lots of entertainment and distractions. Alice held onto Corinna’s cell phone the whole time – I guess she was expecting a call. We bought her some little barrettes to go with her nice little bob. Alice looks very pretty. We had our flu shots today. Young children get the shots in two doses, one month apart – this was Alice’s second shot. The Calgary Health Region recommends parents get flu shots, so Corinna and I had them for the first time this year. Every time Alice gets a needle she’s a very good little girl. Today was no different. She cried a little initially, but cheered up again within a minute or two. Our nurse was very nice and did an excellent job, much better than a month ago.