Nine Times Around the Island

2005-11-21 One-minute read

It’s 12:38AM and I think Alice is asleep now. She woke up around 10PM crying. She’s come down with a sinus cold, and can’t breathe through her nose. This makes a soother impossible. We’ve given her some baby cold medicine, and put a little Vicks on her back and front. This seems to be helping a little, but she still cried because she couldn’t use her soother. I decided to try what Grandpa George did with her when she was just a little newborn. I bundled her up in one of her blankets, held her gently but securely, and slowly walked around the island. Alice was quiet the whole time. By the sixth pass she was rubbing her little eyes. By the ninth pass she was just about asleep. After the eleventh I put her back in her crib, awake but very sleepy. We’ll see whether she sleeps…..