First Sleigh Ride

Yesterday Alice went on her very first sleigh ride, on Lake Louise.

The three of us drove to Lake Louise to meet up with auntie Wanda, cousin Mitchell, auntie Lana, uncle Dwayne, and cousin Zach. Wanda had made a reservation for the 2PM sleigh ride. Unfortunately, we got to the departure point at 1:57PM — the 5 sleighs had already left. Nice.

Auntie Wanda went back into Chateau Lake Louise and sorted things out. They told her we could go on the 3PM ride.

Some of us went back inside, some of us took photos on the lake. It was a beautiful day, about -2C, with some lower clouds obscuring the top of Mount Victoria. Mount Fairmont was unobscured. Alice walked around a little in her Red Spacesuit. That’s what I call her snowsuit, since it’s so much bigger than Alice — it looks like she could use it on a spacewalk. The last time Alice wore her Spacesuit she couldn’t even move.

At 2:45PM we all gathered at the side of the lake to make sure they didn’t leave without us again. This time they were behind schedule and we didn’t leave until about 3:10PM.

It was pretty cold on the ride, but Alice was in her Red Spacesuit. Alice stood on the bench between Mommy and I for the first part of the ride. At the half-way point they stopped the sleighs so we could get off and walk around. Mommy and Alice went to pet the two nice Percherons that were pulling our sleigh. She wasn’t afraid of them at all, despite their massive size.

By the time we returned to Chateau Lake Louise at the end of the 45 minutes, we were well chilled. We rushed back inside and Mommy took off Alice’s Red Spacesuit. Alice immediately started walking around the lobby. She went down one of the hallways and found a slight ramp. She laughed each time she went down the ramp. Maybe I’ll have to build one in our living room….

Our highlight of the day: watching Alice walk around outside in her Red Spacesuit.

Alice’s highlight of the day: walking up and down the ramp in Chateau Lake Louise.

Alice Blows Her Nose

Alice has been struggling with sinus colds off and on for a few weeks now. She’s still very cheerful — that’s our little darling.

For the first hour or so after she wakes up in the morning, we have to wipe her nose. She doesn’t really like this, but it’s a necessary evil. It’s not terribly effective at clearing her sinuses, as you can imagine.

Every time we wipe her nose we say, “Blow,” and “Help us blow your nose.”

Today she actually blew when we wiped her nose. She thought it was kind of funny, and has done it a couple more times since.

Hopefully this will make it a little easier on her as she gets over this latest cold.

All Alice Wanted for Christmas….

Yesterday morning (Christmas Eve), Alice and I had breakfast together so Mommy could get some more sleep.

Alice ate:

  • 1 and a half scrambled egs
  • half an eggo with peanut butter and jam
  • one quarter of a banana

She also had some milk.

When she was finished, I began cleaning her so we could play with toys. Alice leaned forward and bit my thumb. Not very hard, but something was different. I could feel something very hard on her lower gum.

Sure enough, Alice had her first tooth broken through (right front lower incisor). It’s not out where she can eat an apple or anything, but it’s her very first tooth!

Today we discovered that her left front incisor has also broken through on the bottom!

Alice got her two front teeth in time for Christmas!

Alice can say “baby”

Today Alice was able to point at pictures of babies (including herself, of course) and say “baby”!

She also likes imitating daddy making a popping sound with his cheek, by putting her finger in her mouth and instead of a popping sound, she kind of sucks/kisses her finger; she can’t quite figure out how daddy does it!

The other night when daddy was taking her upstairs for her bottle, I blew a kiss to Alice; and she did the same! It was adorable. My girl is so precious!

Oh, and yesterday I worked all day for a dinner party, so it was just daddy and Alice; they had KD for supper (a daddy staple when mommy isn’t around) and Alice sure liked it!

Uh-oh; Smoked Salmon with Capers

Alice appears to know how to say, ‘uh-oh.’ She sometimes says this when she drops something.

She probably figured this one out because we often say, ‘uh-oh’ when she drops something.

Last night we went for supper at Cattle Baron. We had smoked salmon as an app and Alice tried some. She didn’t seem to mind it at all. She also liked the capers — probably because they reminded her of green peas. She loves green peas.