All Alice Wanted for Christmas....

2005-12-26 One-minute read

Yesterday morning (Christmas Eve), Alice and I had breakfast together so Mommy could get some more sleep. Alice ate:

  • 1 and a half scrambled egs
  • half an eggo with peanut butter and jam
  • one quarter of a banana

She also had some milk. When she was finished, I began cleaning her so we could play with toys. Alice leaned forward and bit my thumb. Not very hard, but something was different. I could feel something very hard on her lower gum. Sure enough, Alice had her first tooth broken through (right front lower incisor). It’s not out where she can eat an apple or anything, but it’s her very first tooth! Today we discovered that her left front incisor has also broken through on the bottom! Alice got her two front teeth in time for Christmas!