First Sleigh Ride

2005-12-30 2-minute read

Yesterday Alice went on her very first sleigh ride, on Lake Louise. The three of us drove to Lake Louise to meet up with auntie Wanda, cousin Mitchell, auntie Lana, uncle Dwayne, and cousin Zach. Wanda had made a reservation for the 2PM sleigh ride. Unfortunately, we got to the departure point at 1:57PM – the 5 sleighs had already left. Nice. Auntie Wanda went back into Chateau Lake Louise and sorted things out. They told her we could go on the 3PM ride. Some of us went back inside, some of us took photos on the lake. It was a beautiful day, about -2C, with some lower clouds obscuring the top of Mount Victoria. Mount Fairmont was unobscured. Alice walked around a little in her Red Spacesuit. That’s what I call her snowsuit, since it’s so much bigger than Alice – it looks like she could use it on a spacewalk. The last time Alice wore her Spacesuit she couldn’t even move. At 2:45PM we all gathered at the side of the lake to make sure they didn’t leave without us again. This time they were behind schedule and we didn’t leave until about 3:10PM. It was pretty cold on the ride, but Alice was in her Red Spacesuit. Alice stood on the bench between Mommy and I for the first part of the ride. At the half-way point they stopped the sleighs so we could get off and walk around. Mommy and Alice went to pet the two nice Percherons that were pulling our sleigh. She wasn’t afraid of them at all, despite their massive size. By the time we returned to Chateau Lake Louise at the end of the 45 minutes, we were well chilled. We rushed back inside and Mommy took off Alice’s Red Spacesuit. Alice immediately started walking around the lobby. She went down one of the hallways and found a slight ramp. She laughed each time she went down the ramp. Maybe I’ll have to build one in our living room…. Our highlight of the day: watching Alice walk around outside in her Red Spacesuit. Alice’s highlight of the day: walking up and down the ramp in Chateau Lake Louise.