Alice at 16 months

2006-01-18 2-minute read

Alice is a big girl now, and can do many big girl things, like sit on the couch. She used to sit on our laps ie/when watching a Baby Einstein movie, but now she wants to sit by herself on the couch. She also has a pink fuzzy foam chair she likes to sit in, and her rocking chair that used to be daddy’s when he was a baby. Alice is in the dayhome 2 days/week and finally seems to be adjusting. She doesn’t cry anymore when I drop her off and is eating better. Alice still likes to play on our bed, but doesn’t do “avalanche” anymore, she likes to roll around and also look at our alarm clocks; I’m trying to teach her about time…. Alice’s receptive language is excellent; we always joke that she understands everything we say, but she really does understand a lot; we’re always impressed! Alice is good at saying “oh, oh” and can say other words like “wow” and “ooohhh”. She can kind of say “baby”, and we’re trying to teach her how to say “please”, but so far we’re only at “pah”. She’s very good at saying “no”, but doesn’t say the word, she shakes her head vigorously “NO!”. She still eats well, but has her days when she isn’t into much; and other days when she eats more than mommy! Her nose has finally stopped running- it was going on for over 2 months! She’s got 3 teeth and a 4th coming- all the front teeth. Her hair grows like a weed; she almost needs another hair cut as it’s getting long over her ears and will soon be in her eyes. She wears size 4 shoes and diapers, and size 18-24 month clothes. She naps once/day, usually after lunch, but sometimes not until late in the day (big girls can go long times without sleep!). She still sleeps at least 12 hours at night; she sleeps with her elephant, Cuddles, and her bunny, Thumper. She really loves Thumper! Sometimes she’ll go to her crib and want him, and when you give him to her she hugs him and walks around with him in her arms. It’s so precious! Before bed time we get her to help us clean up her toys (she has a lot now since Christmas); she knows how to put toys in her toy box, dirty clothes in her laundry, and garbage in the garbage can. She still has a bottle, at night; daddy can’t seem to give it up….