Alice Goes to Work

2006-01-25 2-minute read

Today Alice and Mommy made a surprise visit to my office. The timing was pretty uncanny. When they pulled into the parking lot, they saw the Red Sled. While they were parking and coming into the building, I was leaving by a different exit. I hopped in the Sled and drove to ‘Bucks. Sorry girls! I returned 20 minutes later. It was wonderful to look down the long hallway and see Alice sitting on Mommy’s lap in my office. Alice waved as I approached. I was soo happy to see them! While I was out, Alice walked around and watched everyone working. She interrupted Ash at just the right time – he was opening a bag of chocolate Oreo cookies. Mommy told Alice to ask him nicely if she could have a cookie. Who was he to refuse such a cute little girl? Alice liked her first Oreo cookie very much, though it soon became quite messy. The chocolate filling and the wafer got all over Alice’s chin and her shirt. Mommy had to get Todd to help – he got some wet paper towels (and some water – the Oreo made Alice very thirsty). By the time I returned with my coffee, Alice was nicely cleaned up again, though she had to dress down to just her diaper shirt and pants. The outer shirt had too much chocolate for that ‘business casual’ look. Alice enjoyed walking around the office with me. She walked and walked and walked. She even looked at some of the artwork on the walls. Luckily for me, she didn’t get cookie on anything (other than her shirt). When I gave Alice her bedtime bottle she was pretty tired. I put her in her crib and she was almost asleep before I could leave her room. She found all that walking around at my office exhausting.