Firsts (and seconds) for Alice

Today Alice walked to the park for the first time! We just came home from shopping/lunch, and she didn’t want to go in the house, so I set her on the ground and she started walking, we went to the end of the street where the park is; we;ve been there several times, Alice likes the swing and playing in the pea gravel. After a few minutes we walked home (it was cold out!), she was very good at holding my hand while we were walking.Daddy took lots of photos and it was very precious.

This week Alice has also learned 3 new words: more (“mo”), two, and three!
She’s also very good at 2 stage commands, and has even done some simple three stage commands. Alice is also very good at using her spoon now — so much so that we even allow her to eat blueberries by herself (she loves her bluebellies!).

Yesterday was Alice’s second professional hair cut, it was a little more difficult to do than the first (more squirmy, and didn’t like the hair dresser holding her cheeks to cut her bangs). We got it cut shorter than the first time, and a little more layered. After the hair cut we played in the ball room, Alice cried when we had to leave she liked it so much!

Photo Friday – Baby

This Photo Friday category was a little too easy for me, though I did have thousands of photos from which to choose.

Alice - 3 days old

This photo was taken September 21st, 2004. Alice was only three days old. What a precious little bundle! I’m just starting to look really exhausted at this point.

Alice’s favorite books

Alice loves to read books. Her favorite books are: Happy Baby Words (she points to things and knows what all of the objects are ie/ Alice, where is the flower? And she will point to the flower), Baby’s First Christmas book (she also points to the various objects and knows what they are)- and it dosen’t matter to her that it’s a Christmas book and just taken a liking to it in February- hey, we’ll sure be ready for next Christmas!, No Ordinary Olive (she’s even colored in this book which makes it extra special), Wheels on the Bus, Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots and Alice the Fairy.

Alice’s expressive language and other developments

Over the last week Alice had made many developments in her expressive language; she has learned to say “No” very clearly (it’s sure cute now, but what about in a few months? yikes!). The other words she can say clearly are wow, da da, ma ma, baby, uh oh, whoa. The other words she can sort of say (ie/mommy and daddy know what she’s referring to) are bunny, puppy (both of these come out as a version of “baby”), please (pa), thank you (dad do), hi (aye), Chase (da), up (pa pa), soother (ba ba), bye bye (ba ba), night night (na na). When she climbs the stairs, she often stops and lays her head down and says night night, and makes a snoring sound (how adorable!).

We’ve also taught Alice how to turn on her movies (she loves to watch her baby einstein movies). She picks one of the four, then turns the sound and dvd on, puts the movie in and can turn on the tv. She then usually sits in her little pink chair with her drink; sometimes she wants to sit on the couch with mommy or daddy (she used to love watching the movies in our lap, but refuses to do that now- she’s a big girl not a baby!). She can also drink from a cup by herself and is very good at using her spoon now, she eats cereal often for breakfast now, and can eat soup easily. We love her so much, we are very proud of our little girl!


Alice is so precious- she’s a very loving little girl. She loves to give kisses to mommy and daddy, her aunties, cousins, grandma and grandpa, and even her cat Chase. She leans in as to give a kiss, and says “maa!”. She even does this to her favorite toys and to certain animals and children on her baby einstein movies- mostly bears, puppies and cats. She also likes to kiss the bunny on the back of her high chair.
How do we stand the cuteness? We kiss her!

Alice’s 1st word on the phone

Last night Auntie Chrissy called, I put Alice on the phone and told her to say “wow”, and she did!

At first she said it quietly, then I told her to say it again, and she said it much louder, Auntie thought it was very cute, as did mommy. Normally when we give her the phone to talk to someone, she just listens and doesn’t say anything. I know one day we’ll wish she would stop talking on the phone, but we’ll relish in the cuteness for now!

Enter the naughty mat, exit the night time bottle

A couple of changes in Alice’s life: last weekend we introduced a naughty mat and Feb.1st was her last night time bottle with daddy.

I’ve had to use the mat 3 times in a week; each time I use it it’s very traumatic (for Alice and mommy!). Alice sits on the mat for one minute. During that time, she has her hands over her eyes the whole time, and a pouty mouth; she cries quietly until I tell her she can come off the mat; I look at her and ask her if she knows why I put her there, and then I tell her why and ask her to say sorry to mommy and give me a kiss and a hug. Twice she’s been on the mat for pinching mommy, once for throwing toys. Each time she has to go on the mat she’s good for the rest of the day- it really hits home, I think.

Poor daddy, no more bottle! Instead of the bottle now we give her a sippy cup with milk, and daddy goes into her room with her and reads a story while she drinks her milk; she isn’t drinking as much as she did with the bottle, however. This doesn’t seem to affect her at all, which is good (she still falls asleep quickly and sleeps through the night).