Alice's expressive language and other developments

2006-02-13 2-minute read

Over the last week Alice had made many developments in her expressive language; she has learned to say “No” very clearly (it’s sure cute now, but what about in a few months? yikes!). The other words she can say clearly are wow, da da, ma ma, baby, uh oh, whoa. The other words she can sort of say (ie/mommy and daddy know what she’s referring to) are bunny, puppy (both of these come out as a version of “baby”), please (pa), thank you (dad do), hi (aye), Chase (da), up (pa pa), soother (ba ba), bye bye (ba ba), night night (na na). When she climbs the stairs, she often stops and lays her head down and says night night, and makes a snoring sound (how adorable!). We’ve also taught Alice how to turn on her movies (she loves to watch her baby einstein movies). She picks one of the four, then turns the sound and dvd on, puts the movie in and can turn on the tv. She then usually sits in her little pink chair with her drink; sometimes she wants to sit on the couch with mommy or daddy (she used to love watching the movies in our lap, but refuses to do that now- she’s a big girl not a baby!). She can also drink from a cup by herself and is very good at using her spoon now, she eats cereal often for breakfast now, and can eat soup easily. We love her so much, we are very proud of our little girl!