Enter the naughty mat, exit the night time bottle

2006-02-04 2-minute read

A couple of changes in Alice’s life: last weekend we introduced a naughty mat and Feb.1st was her last night time bottle with daddy. I’ve had to use the mat 3 times in a week; each time I use it it’s very traumatic (for Alice and mommy!). Alice sits on the mat for one minute. During that time, she has her hands over her eyes the whole time, and a pouty mouth; she cries quietly until I tell her she can come off the mat; I look at her and ask her if she knows why I put her there, and then I tell her why and ask her to say sorry to mommy and give me a kiss and a hug. Twice she’s been on the mat for pinching mommy, once for throwing toys. Each time she has to go on the mat she’s good for the rest of the day- it really hits home, I think. Poor daddy, no more bottle! Instead of the bottle now we give her a sippy cup with milk, and daddy goes into her room with her and reads a story while she drinks her milk; she isn’t drinking as much as she did with the bottle, however. This doesn’t seem to affect her at all, which is good (she still falls asleep quickly and sleeps through the night).