Firsts (and seconds) for Alice

2006-02-20 2-minute read

Today Alice walked to the park for the first time! We just came home from shopping/lunch, and she didn’t want to go in the house, so I set her on the ground and she started walking, we went to the end of the street where the park is; we;ve been there several times, Alice likes the swing and playing in the pea gravel. After a few minutes we walked home (it was cold out!), she was very good at holding my hand while we were walking.Daddy took lots of photos and it was very precious. This week Alice has also learned 3 new words: more (“mo”), two, and three! She’s also very good at 2 stage commands, and has even done some simple three stage commands. Alice is also very good at using her spoon now – so much so that we even allow her to eat blueberries by herself (she loves her bluebellies!). Yesterday was Alice’s second professional hair cut, it was a little more difficult to do than the first (more squirmy, and didn’t like the hair dresser holding her cheeks to cut her bangs). We got it cut shorter than the first time, and a little more layered. After the hair cut we played in the ball room, Alice cried when we had to leave she liked it so much!