Get Down, Chase!

On the counterWhenever Chase gets up on the counter — a frequent occurence — we tell him to get down. He’s surprisingly obedient for a cat.

The trick is to say, “Get down, Chase,” while making a downward gesture with your arm. After saying, “Get down” a few times, he finally jumps down.

This morning when I was telling Chase to get down, Alice tried to help from her high chair. She said “Dow!” while waving her arms. Once Chase finally jumped down to the floor, Alice clapped for him.

18-month Vaccinations

Today Alice went for her 18-month vaccinations. Once again, our nurse was Karen — she’s very friendly, and does a great job with our little girl. Karen has only seen one other baby as often as Alice.

Alice was a really good girl. She’s old enough that she knew what was coming, and started to cry before the first needle. There was one needle for each shoulder. Alice recovered quickly though, and soon was walking around and looking at everything in the room.

Alice now weighs 25lb 10oz and is 31 3/4 inches tall. Her weight is around the 75th percentile; height is around 50th percentile. As with all little children, accurate height measurements are pretty difficult.

Having said that, 50th percentile is pretty good for a Murray.

Counting With Frosty

Alice’s favourite movie these days is not one of her Baby Einstein DVD’s, but Frosty the Snowman on VHS. She can’t seem to get enough of this cartoon. She loves watching it while sitting in her pink chair.

At one point in the movie, Frosty has just come to life. He’s surprised at all the things he can do, like count on his fingers.

“I can count to ten. One, two, three, four, five, nine, six, eight… Well, I can count to five. ”

Tonight, as Frosty was trying to count on his fingers, Alice tried to count along! It was adorable to watch as she touched each finger and said a little word.

It never ceases to amaze me how much she absorbs from the world around her.

Alice at 18 months

Alice is sure a wonderful girl, she can do so many things!

Her new words are: puppy (instead of sounding like “baby”), yeah,no (for “snow”)- the word no is used profusely by Alice and she means “NO!”, daddy, mommy (sometimes sounds like mimi), pop (like a cork), more and ball. She also can make the sounds of a cow, dog, cat and pig. She has 8 teeth now, including one molar, 3 bottom front teeth and 4 upper front teeth. When she’s teething she gets a runny nose — that’s how we know! Otherwise she is an angel as always.

She is wearing size 18 month up to size 2 clothing, depending on the brand. She almost fits into size 5 shoes. Still in size 4 diapers as well. We did a memory mold of her right foot today, although she was so squirmy I’m not confident it will turn out…

Alice still loves watching her Baby Einstein movies; she doesn’t so much watch them as likes to have them on while she’s busy doing other things, such as coloring- her favorite activity! She likes to stuff crayons down her shirt- a behavior we try to discourage- once when I got her up from a “non-nap” a couple weeks ago, I discovered she must have had a crayon down her diaper shirt, as her crib and the wall were covered in black (yes, of course it had to be a black crayon of all colors!). At this point I can say, thank goodness for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I can attest to it’s wonderful cleaning abilities).

We sure love our little girl!

On the phone

Christmas present
This past Christmas, Alice received a toy cellphone. She liked it very much, and carried it around with her often. She’s still learning how to talk on the real phone. I think we’re getting closer now.

Showing Wanda the phone

As Alice approaches 18 months of age, she’s started to pretend she’s talking on her toy phone. She walks around, phone to her ear, pretending to have a conversation. It’s pretty adorable to watch, and pretty amazing too.

Sometimes she even pretends she’s talking on an imaginary phone. She’ll put her right hand to her right ear and begin chattering away. She’s got quite an imagination already.

Imaginary phone

How long before we’ll need to get a second line specifically for her?