Alice at 18 months

2006-03-18 2-minute read

Alice is sure a wonderful girl, she can do so many things! Her new words are: puppy (instead of sounding like “baby”), yeah,no (for “snow”)- the word no is used profusely by Alice and she means “NO!”, daddy, mommy (sometimes sounds like mimi), pop (like a cork), more and ball. She also can make the sounds of a cow, dog, cat and pig. She has 8 teeth now, including one molar, 3 bottom front teeth and 4 upper front teeth. When she’s teething she gets a runny nose – that’s how we know! Otherwise she is an angel as always. She is wearing size 18 month up to size 2 clothing, depending on the brand. She almost fits into size 5 shoes. Still in size 4 diapers as well. We did a memory mold of her right foot today, although she was so squirmy I’m not confident it will turn out… Alice still loves watching her Baby Einstein movies; she doesn’t so much watch them as likes to have them on while she’s busy doing other things, such as coloring- her favorite activity! She likes to stuff crayons down her shirt- a behavior we try to discourage- once when I got her up from a “non-nap” a couple weeks ago, I discovered she must have had a crayon down her diaper shirt, as her crib and the wall were covered in black (yes, of course it had to be a black crayon of all colors!). At this point I can say, thank goodness for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I can attest to it’s wonderful cleaning abilities). We sure love our little girl!