Photo Friday – Full (of chocolate)

Chocolate Walnut Torte with Lavender-Honey Anglaise

This afternoon my favourite Calgary personal chef made a chocolate walnut torte with honey-lavender anglaise. Wow. She used like half a kilogram of Bernard Callebaut chocolate.

I spent about thirty minutes photographing this spectacular dessert. I used natural light and my Canon EF-S 60mm macro.Then I gobbled it all up (in much less than thirty minutes).

Am I a lucky husband or what?

Stay Home, Daddy!

Alice awakens as I am leaving for work. I go upstairs to see her before I leave.

“Can I pick you up, Alice?”


“Did you have a good sleep honey?”


Corinna picks out Alice’s wardrobe for the day.

“Okay, Alice, Daddy has to go to work now.”


“I’ll be home soon. You can go to the park with Mommy.”


Alice clings to me, gives me a hug. She has a dejected, pouty look.

“Up. Up.”

I pick Alice up again.

“You and Mommy are coming to the mall this morning. Would you like me to come see you?”


“I have to go now honey. Mommy will get you changed, okay?”


“I’ll see you this morning at the mall.”

Corinna picks up Alice and takes her to her bedroom to get changed. Alice begins to cry.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

Now I know how Corinna feels when she goes to a Personal Thyme event. It’s so hard to leave our little girl!

Aggie Days

Yesterday we took Alice to Aggie Days at the Calgary Stampede grounds. This is a family event designed to increase children’s understanding and appreciation of agriculture. Here are some of the highlights.

I don't like this saddle Mommy

Alice didn’t really appreciate sitting in a saddle.

Baby goats are nice

Alice liked the baby goats.

Herding ducks

There was a nice cowboy with a nice puppy (all dogs are puppies, by the way). The dog was able to herd some ducks through some well-behaved children. Notice how our extroverted little girl is closest to the centre of the stage. She just kept moving closer and closer, with Mommy in tow!

Farming is fun!

The best part of Aggie days, by far, was the sandbox! It had farm equipment and everything. And sand! Alice sure loved the sand — she even put some in her own hair.

At the end of our stay we got to see Blue from Blue’s Clues. It was exciting to see Blue, but Alice was getting pretty tired and hungry. Farming is exhausting, don’t you know. We hurried home for Alice’s afternoon nap.

When Alice woke up from her two-hour nap, her crib was covered in sand. I guess she had some in her pockets and her cuffs.

Week of firsts: sentence, zoo visit, face-plant

This was a big week of firsts for Alice.

On Sunday Cassandra and Chrissy came over to visit. At one point Alice went over to Cassandra and said, “Hi baby.” This was the first time Alice has combined two of her words into a sentence.

On Monday, I took a vacation day. The three of us went to the Calgary Zoo for the first time as a whole family. Mommy and I bought annual passes so we can go back again and again. We met Cassandra, Chrissy, and Norm there too.

Alice and Mommy at the Zoo

Alice’s favourite parts of the zoo visit were all the other children. Cassandra slept almost the whole time — ah, to be that young and carefree again.

Early in our zoo visit Alice was walking along the paved pathway. She got excited and started to walk quickly down a slight incline. Much to our horror, she fell face first; her mouth hit the pavement pretty hard. Corinna quickly scooped Alice up but the tears were already flowing.

Her upper lip was cut and bleeding, so I scrambled to get the ice pack out of Alice’s cooler. The bleeding didn’t last very long, but her lip was already twice it’s normal size. After a few minutes she stopped crying, brave little girl. It helped that Chrissy and Norm were there to distract her.

Alice, Mommy, Chrissy and a duck

For the rest of the visit, Alice stayed pretty close to Mommy.

Alice and Mommy

About 45 minutes after the fall we went to the hippo building. There was an enormous tank of water with three hippos, including one baby. And hundreds of tilapia.

Wow, tilapia!

From Alice’s perspective, the hippos were not visible but she thought the tilapia were pretty neat.Lots of tilapia

Before we left the zoo we stopped off at the cafeteria for ice cream. Alice was such a good little girl that she got a Bernard Callebaut ice cream bar. It was nice and cold on her poor upper lip.

Ice cream bar

Today while I was at work, Alice and Mommy were looking at photos of our honeymoon. When they looked at one of the photos of me, Alice said, “Hi Daddy.” A second sentence!

What a wonderful little girl.