Stay Home, Daddy!

2006-04-12 One-minute read

Alice awakens as I am leaving for work. I go upstairs to see her before I leave. “Can I pick you up, Alice?” “Yeah.” “Did you have a good sleep honey?” “Yeah.” Corinna picks out Alice’s wardrobe for the day. “Okay, Alice, Daddy has to go to work now.” “No.” “I’ll be home soon. You can go to the park with Mommy.” “No.” Alice clings to me, gives me a hug. She has a dejected, pouty look. “Up. Up.” I pick Alice up again. “You and Mommy are coming to the mall this morning. Would you like me to come see you?” “Yeah.” “I have to go now honey. Mommy will get you changed, okay?” “No.” “I’ll see you this morning at the mall.” Corinna picks up Alice and takes her to her bedroom to get changed. Alice begins to cry. “Daddy! Daddy!” Now I know how Corinna feels when she goes to a Personal Thyme event. It’s so hard to leave our little girl!