Latest Alice update

2006-05-01 One-minute read

Alice is changing as she gets older – particularly more independant. At bed time she used to sit in Mommy or Daddy’s lap and we’d read her a few books – not anymore. She sits away from us, reading her own stories, it’s adorable to watch. Her language development is progressing as well – she’s using a lot of 2 word sentances now, like " Hi/ Bye bye mommy/daddy/chase/auntie/baby", “Down Chase”, and words like please, which used to sound like " pa pa", is now “pea”. She can also say more “mo”; knee and elbow sound exactly as they are. Thank you is still “da do” (precious!). For activities, we still like watching Blue’s Clues, Frosty and our Baby Einstein movies. Mostly though we love to be outside, doing just about anything. We go to the park most every day, sometimes more than once. We play in the back yard, and on the weekend we bought some sidewalk chalk and we love to do that too! Alice is still a good eater, though she does have her moments of selectiveness. When she’s really hungry, she can eat more than mommy! We sure love our girl!