More about Alice

2006-05-12 2-minute read

So Alice is almost 20 months, wow. Daddy taught Alice how to scootch on her bum down the stairs, which is adorable. She’s very good at it, and prefers it to being carried (more of that independant thing). We were at the zoo yesterday, only for a little while as we had to come home so we could babysit Cassie. We saw the hippos, lions and the monkies. We wanted to feed the monkies our cheerios, and a leemer our sippy cup. What a nice girl for sharing! We also saw a peacock show off his feathers and the flamingos, standing on one leg and sleeping. We thought that was pretty neat. Oh, that’s another new word we’ve learned, “neat”. We can also say “auntie”, “nana”, “papa”, “bubble”, “ball”, and movie is “me”. There may be other words she can say that we haven’t mentioned previously, but it’s hard to keep track. Alice got a new bike from Uncle Norm. It’s sure nice, it’s a princess bike, and even has a canopy! We strap Alice in and walk up and down the sidewalk. It’s precious! One thing Alice is getting bad at is sitting in the “W” position with her legs. At her 12 month visit, Dr.Pow saw her sitting like that and advised us to make sure she dosen’t do that, as it is bad for her knees and hips. So we correct her all the time, telling her to sit with her legs straight; she will promptly straighten them, but then revert back. Oh, Alice! We’ve been seeing a lot of our cousin Cassie lately, which is very nice. Alice is still learning how to play nice; she too often plays too rough with baby and will grab baby’s face and make her cry, poor Cassie! We have some new books too, one we really like is a very simple book about a baby, David. One page shows the baby sitting with an obviously full diaper, and it says : “P.U.!”. Alice thinks this is Hilarious!