2004 MINI Cooper S

2006-06-21 2-minute read

Corinna has wanted me to upgrade the Red Sled (1991 Mazda Miata) for some time now. There are at least two reasons.

  1. In November 2003 C. Howard ran a stop sign in her Jeep Cherokee and as a result T-boned Corinna in the Red Sled. Corinna is now almost fully recovered. I suspect C. Howard is still a careless inattentive driver. What’s the deal with all you Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee owners? Do you have to be a bad driver to get a Cherokee or something?
  2. There is no way I can take Alice to her day home when Corinna is cooking for her clients. This makes Corinna’s day much longer than it needs to be.

The goal was to find a replacement vehicle which had a back seat, and would be fun to drive. It should come as no surprise that the MINI Cooper S was at the top of my list. They hold their value exceptionally well and there are few used ones on the market. This has made the search pretty difficult. Yesterday Corinna decided to perform a Canada-wide search on AutoTrader.ca. She discovered the following ad for a MCS in Winnipeg:

2004 MINI Cooper S 2004 MINI COOPER S PEPPER WHITE/BLACK STRIPE lots of options 2 sets of new tires with rims like new, 6 Speed, All equipped 3,788 kms

When Corinna phoned me at work, I told her the 3788 must have been a typo. She called the number in the ad and spoke with Deborah. That really is the milage. Because Corinna was so quick to phone, we are first in line – it’s our car if we want to close the deal. We’ve enlisted the help of Mark, Wanda and Mitchell. They are going to test drive the car and let us know whether it’s as good as it sounds. If it looks okay I’ll probably hop a one-way flight to Winnipeg and drive the car back home. I’m a little bit excited.