Alice's 3rd hair cut

2006-06-28 2-minute read

We took Alice to Beaner’s this morning for a hair cut- it’s getting into her eyes, so we wanted a trim. We are growing it out, though. She did well, but didn’t want any blow drying; I guess we will entertain hair styling for when she’s a little older. Daddy took photos, and Alice and I played in the ball room after. It was much cleaner than last time, and Alice had fun going down the slide. Alice’s favorite game right now is guessing who has a belly button. She’ll start by saying, “No, baby”, and waiting for a response from mommy. We go through the list of people she knows (auntie, baby, nana, papa, mommy, daddy), then we get to Chase; and she says “Chase?” and mommy says, “No! Chase doesn’t have a belly button!” and we laugh a lot and play the game again. We also play this game with other themes, such as who drinks milk, etc. Alice’s favorite movie right now is a new Dora movie we got a few weeks ago. And our new favorite thing to eat is chocolate and cake, just like her mommy…We often pretend we’re eating cake we made outside in our play kitchen with our sand sifter, and we eat it all up when it’s finished baking; it’s adorable! Alice also loves to play in her wading pool, we have 2 new swim suits and she’s precious.