MS walk 2006

2006-06-05 2-minute read

Today, Alice, Don and I did the MS walk, along with Auntie Chrissy, Uncle Norm and Cassie. It was a perfect day – not too hot and a bit cloudy. The most exciting part of the day was when 2 army helicopters came and landed in the field beside Prince’s Island Park. There were several of us who had just started the walk, and stopped to watch the helicopters. None of us anticipated the great gusting winds accompanied by such an event, and we tried moving back away from the path; lots of debris was flying around, and Alice was getting scared. A nice lady found Alice’s bunny purse she got from Grandma Chant at Easter, and gave it back to us; she also offered lots of other child related items which were not ours…anyway, the helicopters were sure neat. When we made it about 1 km around the park, at the north side of river, the helicopters were ready to take off, so we stopped and watched the action. Of course, since we were much farther away this time, there wasn’t the wind… We finished the walk by noon, and as Auntie indicated in her earlier blog the food was indeed marginal, but at least we expect this. Alice only ate some rice pudding, then we came home and she had a nap, so did mommy…we were both very tired and slept over 2 hours. We ordered pizza by 5pm and we ate supper upstairs, watching TV, which we’ve never done but mommy just felt like that’s what we should do. Alice ate 2 pieces of pizza, sitting on the couch with mommy and daddy. After supper she had lots of cheerios and milk. I also taught her how to get up and down of the big chair in the living room; she uses her little stool to get up, and slides down on her bum to get off. She can do this independantly, and is very proud of herself (as she should be!). I think she’s getting another molar, which would make 3. 10 teeth total so far. Wow. That’s all for now! Oh, our other new words are “beak”, “bee boo”- from our new belly button book , “book”, and snack “nack”. And when we eat things we like, we say “mmmmm”, including imaginary cake we’ve baked in our sand sifter, using our new kitchenette play set. Alice sure makes good cake! How nice, my little pattisserie assistant!