Bedtime for Bear

This evening as I was getting Alice ready for bed, she did the same for her stuffed bear.

First she got the change pad and layed it down on the floor. Then she placed Bear on his back and pretended to change his diaper. Once his diaper was changed, Alice pretended to do up the snaps on Bear’s sleeper. Finally, she wrapped bear up in a blanket and gave him her soothers.

Hugs and Hellos

Alice has been giving hugs for some time now. If I’m kneeling at her level she can lean against me, resting her head on my shoulder. We call this a hug.

A couple days ago Alice gave Mommy a hug but with a new twist. She wrapped her little arms around Mommy, as best she could, and gave a nice big hug. It was pretty adorable, and Mommy was beside herself with joy. Alice has since improved her hugging by occasionally patting us on the back as well. Truly precious.

Alice has been talking on toy phones ever since she got one from Auntie Chrissy for Christmas last year. She sometimes picks up the phone and says, “Hi.” After a little imaginary conversation, she’ll say, “Bye” and close the phone.

Now she’s figured out how to say, “Hello.” Her phone etiquette is growing by leaps and bounds.

New words

Alice has had another explosion of new words she can say. This weekend she said “Corrie”, “Don”, “Connor”, “Thumper” (sounds more like “dumple”), “okay”, “dolly”, “darly” (sounds the same as  dolly, but she’s refering to her hippo dall, Darly), “tummy” (hummy), “Tammy” (hammy), “Diego” (eggo) and “boots”. She also likes saying, “I did it, I did it!” (hmmm, does somebody like Dora?). She also does the cutest little Dora dance…

Lens Day – Graffiti

Graffiti artist at work

Alice loves her sidewalk chalk. She uses it to draw on our stone patio in the back yard.

She also uses it to draw on Chase. You have to watch out for taggers — if you end up on their turf, you might get coloured with some yellow chalk.

Visiting Daddy at Work

Yesterday my girls made a surprise visit to my office. I first noticed Corinna in my doorway, then saw the top of Alice’s head.

When I moved back a little Alice could see me and we made eye contact. Her face lit up in a big grin and she ran toward me with her arms outstretched. I scooped her up and gave her a big hug.

What a wonderful surprise!

Alice thinks my office is neat. She enjoyed playing with the keyboard and mouse, and enjoyed walking around holding my hand.

Yellow Elbow

Alice is good at so many words; the only 2 that she confuses are yellow with orange, and elbow with wrist. If you ask her to point to her elbow, she’ll point to her wrist. If you ask her what color an orange is, she’ll say “ya ya”.

Some of her new words are “park” , “car” , “jack”, “lip” and “help” . Some phrases are: “Yeah, I did” (ie/ if you ask her when she wakes up if she had a good sleep), and “I can’t”, and “I love you” (only those that know her really well can decipher that one…).

Alice’s 1st Parade

Yesterday we went to the Airdrie Parade with Auntie Chrissy, Uncle Norm and Cassie. Alice liked it very much, especially the bands and colorful floats. (And of course the candy!). It lasted about an hour, and Alice mostly sat nicely in my lap, watching everything go by; sometimes she’d stand up and peer out into the street to see what was coming. We plan on going to the parade in Olds, sometime in August. That should be fun too!