Hugs and Hellos

2006-07-28 One-minute read

Alice has been giving hugs for some time now. If I’m kneeling at her level she can lean against me, resting her head on my shoulder. We call this a hug. A couple days ago Alice gave Mommy a hug but with a new twist. She wrapped her little arms around Mommy, as best she could, and gave a nice big hug. It was pretty adorable, and Mommy was beside herself with joy. Alice has since improved her hugging by occasionally patting us on the back as well. Truly precious. Alice has been talking on toy phones ever since she got one from Auntie Chrissy for Christmas last year. She sometimes picks up the phone and says, “Hi.” After a little imaginary conversation, she’ll say, “Bye” and close the phone. Now she’s figured out how to say, “Hello.” Her phone etiquette is growing by leaps and bounds.